Last movement storage in upcoming Apple Tags

Tile-RenderOf course, we expect Apple Tags to be super-efficient at saving energy, but how about saving data? After my stroke, I had an internal heart rate monitor implanted that had the essential function of an Internal Loop Recorder (ILR) – always recording the heart, but only the last few seconds, followed by analysis, then selective storage for key events, e.g. high heart rate or arythmia.  On demand, these events would be uploaded by low-energy radio transmissions to a “paddle” I had, then through cellular networks to my physician.

We should expect Apple to do something similar – given the likilihood of a cheap acclerometer in the unit, a simple calculation could interpet a jostle, and perhaps trigger radio transmission to get location. That location and the nature of the jostle could be stored for later download to an iPhone or Mac (yours or others). Such a tracking device could be pretty smart about motion, eventually reaching the level of fall detection in the Apple Watch.

So many applications for Apple Tags!