Apple Watch Shuffle

Making a lower-cost iPod Shuffle alternative to the Apple Watch is almost inevitable with a $279 price floor for an Apple Watch (Series 3), and Fitbit trackers proving the strength of the market for lost-cost fitness-focused accelerometers (Fitbit Ace $99). But what if this was not only a low-cost alternative, but also a unique companion product to the Watch and AirPods?   What novel uses and measurements could such a “Shuffle” device make?

Consider that having two accelerometers (Watch + Shuffle) would vastly improve:

  • Sleep monitoring
  • Excercise monitoring
  • Fall detection

And what if the Shuffle could also be placed on the ankle?   It could improve all motion measurements through redundancy but also enable new analysis:

  • Pace analysis
  • Gate analysis (biometric)
  • Choreographic analysis

It would not be difficult for such a device to quickly learn where it was placed, allowing you to use two devices on both wrists or move them to both ankles (one could be a watch!), or a wrist and an ankle for different activites (e.g. opposite lims & sides for optimal pace analysis).

The features of such a device could be very minimal to keep the price low (for both stand-alone and companion purchases):

  • High precision motion detection
  • Haptic notifications for sleep wake, etc.
  • Minimal light array for power level, etc.
  • Inductive charging

What would be the big win for companion use with Airpods?   A true Shuffle-like music player?  Possibly.  Perhaps some type of voice programming or activity feedback?

Overall, this product would be very Apple-like because it has a singular function but very many uses across many markets.

  1. Low cost fitness tracking (kids, elderly, developing markets)
  2. High precision fitness tracking (athletes, coaches)
  3. High precision motion tracking (health safety, choreography, biometrics)

For price, we’d like to see $99, but I expect $119-149.

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